• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Ruled by the Moon

As the waves crash in, I am Zen
This is not my usual M. O.
Usually, thoughts and ideas come flooding in faster than the speed of light
Some may consider this a gift, but it is a price I'm paying for generations of past mistakes
Hyper-vigilance is what those in the world of psychological schools of thought call it
It's amazing how much a childhood trauma can affect one far into adulthood
Everything stuffed down for all of those years, comes spewing back up
We try to make our children's life easier than our own
However, if we didn't have good role models to get the tools we need
How in the world can we properly guide our own?
The judgement
The finger pointing
It's all so mind boggling and shameful that we all can't join together to make things right for our loved ones
We've all been traumatized one way or another
All of us
Think of all the wars that wouldn't even take place if we all banded together to make sure our children were at peace
This is my dream that I'm able to hold onto while laying here listening to the waves crash in