• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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Rule of Three


on this
footy field
next to you

and muse over
your omnipresence.
I keep on finding you in between even numbers, in

the third planet from the Sun
the third dimension
the lowest level of the winners’ podium

that odd one out when three’s a crowd
the third try           –           that ‘lucky’ one
the fifth digit in Fibonacci’s sequence

pi’s first digit
the line count of a haiku
the third degree

the Holy Trinity
the third wise man
the third little pig

the third blind mouse
the third billy goat gruff
the third musketeer


Rule of Three

three-leaf clovers
the names of nations’ rulers
the changing colours of traffic lights

the spot above ‘WE’ on keyboards
the edges and vertices of triangles
the atomic number of lithium

the duration of a 3-minute thesis talk
the east arc of my wall clock
the blink of a third eye