• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


Childhood memories return
Of Ruby
As soon as you entered her front door
Daylight faded
And yellow light
Illuminated each room
The last person in the town
Refusing the progress
Of electricity

She looked like a character
Of Dickens
Waist length hair
In pigtails
Curled as two Catherine Wheels
One near each ear
Had she heard
Of shampoo?
She was loving
But oh what a prickly chin

Large furniture pieces
Filled each room
The dark red table cover
Of deep pile
Was long enough to hide under
But care had to be taken
Not to disturb



The muffin warmer
And egg cups
Of shiny brass

The overflowing bowl
Of fruit
Was always a draw
The best aroma in the house
Emanated from it.
Hanging on the alcove scrolls
Were two objects
Of curiosity
Two ostrich eggs
That I longed to hold

No surface was clear
Intricate little pieces
Of China
Dolls house size
But I couldn’t handle them.
Grandfather married her
When all five boys had left home
Why? No one could work out
But we’re left with memories
Of Ruby