• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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If I remind you of a familiar
oddity or even an unknown
genetic pre-historic memory -
Allow my essence to permeate
through your fading evanescence -
Let your electric pulses jolt my
my ancient cocooned chrysalis
to guide you from this doomed
humanoid abyss – I must insist
you do not stagger or even
vehemently resist my foretold
reawakening – so control your
terrified seizure for I am your
elected 'Ceasar' once enbalmed
as the first of our kind – You
only need to allow somehow
to open your hidden psychic
portal – To finally feel your
soul immortal.

Transcend to valiantly defend -
Look closer and dissolve your
mortal fear – Ignore my dubious
unfamiliar veneer as you bravely
prepare to find your salvation



Let our minds interlock
disintegrate your initial shock -
For I am once again destined to
be your liberating rock – My
heartbeat will find yours just
open your resistant mind to
our kind – Allow your provoked
misery to ignite your
biological ancestry – To enable
you to participate in celebratory
raucous reverie.

Acknowledge me and you will
discover our connected chemistry

Be not afraid
your hesitation
is man-made.

I am the great omnipotent
defender from eons ago -
The first of our kind
release yourself – Leave
all this behind and

take your place as my
true successor – For
I am and always will be