• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Rosy Glow

a clouded mind
the hope and optimism of younger years
past reminisces
through once empty streets
that now struggle
to contain
the day to day
this air bites,
every eye waters too readily

a push past a corner
to where a park once sat
wildlife scattered
birds lit from tree to tree
gentleness could be found
a brief haven
all annoyance
a dim buzz

now an asphalt blanket
waits to hold
visitors to pancake tiers
that erupted from far hedges
empty but for the saturday stampede
of tense wastes
and bun grubbing hands


Rosy Glow

ears buzz with background chatter
confusion, anger
noise beats, buffets, breaks
no sympathetic rhythm
sweat tacks clothes to your folds
you back away
slowly turning
burying the image
in a rosy past