• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09

Roll Down The Window, Please

What do you say when the last minutes finally arrive after wearing the robe of goodbye all day in preparation? You were hoping for wisdom or a pause in time to freeze this day. Wishing for a Polaroid photo. A square to step back into that includes the feel of his hug with chin to your head top, the scent of his hair, his hum in your ear. All day long you have collected snapshot moments stacking them in your heart for safekeeping. Each one a glint in the sun before the next cloud passes. Together is precious and nothing else feels the same. Then you are standing by the car door and the time has come. An internal wanting to divide yourself in half. Half of you to go with him. Not to interfere, just to be a part of his life movie. A supportive character without a speaking role, that remains to the side in each scene, watching his unfolding contributions, adventures, learnings. But you know that is not how it works. And you are proudgrateful that the world needs him and that he is in it somewhere. You step back from the car accepting release until a right turn takes him from sight. Sunlight peaks through the continuing drizzle. The glow of your red umbrella shines on the empty street and you are glad for the noticing.