• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Rise Fall

fog                                     sticky wet dough glueing fingers shut
eyes                                   not seeing though strained open wide
words                                 rising bubbling but not uttered
vaporise                              as smoke chokes images in mind

unseeing                           eyes pried strained open wide
antagonizing                   animus coiled tightly
drawing                             smoke choking images in mind
fettered                            by the invisible thick fuggy threat

absconding                        animus coiled tightly
spring                                trip; fall towards the ground
underfoot                          the invisible thick fuggy threat
trample                                crush mangle pound down

hard                                 work  preparation towards the ground
heat                                  of chaos spark light roar to life
trample                           crush  mangle pound down
beat                                out pulse tempering raging sighs

seething                          fingers remain shut
fuming                           for now unuttered