• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 11
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Rise And Fall Of Partner Acrobalance

they bonded at circus school
all three rookies together
swallowed fire
walked high-wire
clowned ad nauseum
until they were dropped
they strived for unique
performing as one
sawing wives
throwing knives
frustrated with trauma
of too many close shaves
they went on the road
built up the big tops
run of the mill
odd-jobbed at will
until they discovered
close partner acrobalance
they formed a pyramid
one on one upon one
darkness at base
bland on its face
then right at the top
the orange of all light


Rise And Fall Of Partner Acrobalance

they hung on for three hours
great desire for acclaim
audience in awe
was until they saw
acrobalance implode
such a visual adverse
they all vanished from view
save Vika Wendish's image
kept for posterity
alums to perpetuity
of death in the big top
all three rookies together