• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Ribbon Of Wrapture

Voluntarily trapped in the blind existence
of subdued resistance,
you ponder the vastness
of the surrounding,
the fullness of the charge

as your knowledge floats
on this veiled summer view,
only imagined by the sounds,
smells, tingles,
you ponder . . .

the measured moments
of melancholy,
the finally found pleasure
of solitude,
the inspired movements
that brought you here,
that beg you to be still,
in this moment.


Ribbon Of Wrapture

Is it enough
that your long hair flowing,
covering shadows
of ever-prescient heartbeats,
longs for the freedom
of wind-swept currents,
blown by the future

Caught in the pull
of the blue-grey sky,
blue-grey mind,
blue-grey ribbon
of wrapture.