• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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She pressed PLAY and watched him
sit back casually, dreaming
of better days.
Her hair, pinned up, her eyes–
faithful to his stare.
She was a golden arc, welcoming
his entrance.
FAST FORWARD to their wedding day
and the two of them had no reason
Every dream was finally coming true.

Or so they thought.
Her first attempt at making him
a father, her, a mother, failed.
That's what the doctor called it,
"a failed attempt."
And the second, and the third.
And every breath she took
felt like the last.
He wanted to REWIND
the time, take her back to
a different period where
heartache had not shown
its face.



But, there would never be
a day for that.
Her womb shut itself off
from the world.
He gave his all to her.
His only dream was
to make her happy.
How could he EJECT
them from this life?

He did not know.
He wished he did.