• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Rewind – Fast Forward – Stop

Oh how I wish we could rewind to June 22nd 2016.
Before Brexit became a tiresome word – meaning what?
Simplistic arguments – Scare Tactics – Scurrilous actions.

Knowing me – knowing you – what would we do now?.
Fast forward to when the silence runs from the tape
Place it in an old tacky box and take it to the Charity Shop.

Rewind to a simpler time and place – chill to the music.
Bridge over our troubled country – soothing and calm.
Please take me there now before I placed my cross.

Or was it an air kiss – not knowing it was goodbye for ever.
Or a hard cross – biting off the end of the innocent pencil.
Certainty/doubt in a small airless booth - panicking.

The dye is cast and we can't rewind – just untangle the tape.
As it whirs and whirs and whirs – never stopping for us to get
off that damned bus while politicians do and leave the tape

running on its endless loop of fear, hope and pragmatism.
Fast forward me to the end, when the tape finally runs out
of road, traction and Joni Mitchell’s big yellow taxi take us

home - singing - “That you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone”..