• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Can you see?
How these eyes 
searing with pain and angst
a litany of worries
written across the face
shines through the paleness of my skin
with all its grace.

Can you see?
How the pain shimmering through
the years of the suffering 
etched and carved in the 
frail ends of my crow's-feet
still shines like a summer morning.

Can you see?
How the merciless time 
has left untold stories 
on my yellow skin
and still, I gaze at the sun 
with my fearless eyes
for thousands to see.

Can you see?
How the feeling of apricity
has given my hair an auburn tinge
and the rage of a thousand summer suns
shines through me.
How my unwavering strength 
has risen above the age-old misogyny.



Can you see?
How the unfettered gaze 
of my truth is not broken down 
by your patriarchy.
How my haughtiness 
the truth knotted in my brows,
will shake your thrones
reduce it to a fistful of dust and stones.

Can you see?
How the unabashed truth
etched in every pore of my skin
was waiting for this single moment
this freckle of time, 
birthing the rebellion
this revolution.
so sublime.

Can you?