• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05


1.      From then hand I go to the figures.

2.      The figures on the cover of Spiritualized’s ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’; 1992, I seem to remember.

3.      For I am sure the hand belongs to one of them.

4.      And it touches me because I have always hoped that I’d be touched by one of those hands.

5.      By which I mean: when I first heard the album I fell in love with it. But I’d already fallen in love with it when I saw its cover.

6.      And the couple dancing upon it.

7.      In what could be an infinite void, or maybe just a simple square of black (it’s Saturday afternoon, who needs to be poetic on a Saturday afternoon?) two white figures float in this space.

8.      No eyes, no faces.

9.      He, I assume it is he, has the merest hint of devilish horns; she the glimmer of, the beginning of wings.

10.      Up and down. Heaven and hell. Rock and roll.

11.      And truthfully, all I’ve ever wanted is to find the courage to get a tattoo of her, all pleasure and pomp and primed.

12.      And find someone who’d consent to get a tattoo of him, all pimp and preen.

13.      So still I wait.

14.      For the hand that will agree.