• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09


Our bodies emerged from caution’s silhouette
where good health practices curtailed activities;
with Covid’s grasp now beyond current reach, we
celebrated expanding circles of friends & family.

Sucking honeycomb candies, chewing beeswax like gum
we lit hickory wood chips, left sandalwood incense inside;
fingers strummed guitars, hands squeezed accordions, people
swayed to midsummer melodies like wheat in the wind.

Backyards buzzed as before, parks filled to capacity
bar-b-cue pits sizzled as we inhaled welcomed odors:
grill tattooed ribs, burgers, sweet corn & bangers,
dark clouds like smoke signals heralding community.

Picnic tables reset, the old world meets a new normal,
neighborhood children run through sprinklers & squeal
as we reclined in lawn chairs, sipped beer, wine & soda
glanced at our past preserved in an ocean voyage photo.