• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Restless, In Thrall to Luminescence

Inside, water flows, nurtures green growth,
sustains life, within limits. All this,
under dove-grey ceilings: air recirculated
for millennia. Like us, our forebears faced
a constant sight, on their skyline,
a vast entrance, filled with ice-white light.
Like us, their eyes were drawn and
their hearts, bodies, minds, longed to follow.
Would stepping away from grey extinguish
heartbeats and existence. Or could we, could they,
move to everlastingness: infinity, beyond death?
Today, as loose pine cones bounced on my bent head,
I knelt at my granny's grave, sought guidance.
'If I move into the light', I said, 'will I embrace life,
or be bleached to death?' Her face flickered
in memory's haze and I met her love-lulled gaze.
Suddenly, I knew. My choice would define my days,
but nothing could erase my roots underground
in this mulched, imperfect place. Perhaps,
it is time. Our tribe can risk resettling, naked
in another sun's tempting embrace. Knowledge
may disappoint, or may lift us luminous,
to a state of grace. Tonight, before leaving,
I shawl my shoulders against fear and ancient cold.