Renowned Companions

Immortalized in history, their owners famous and rich The pampered pets throughout time could beg and shake and sit President Biden’s alsatians are Major and Champ While Coolidge's hippo needed to be kept damp Lucius Crassus mourned the death of his pet eel And Andrew Jackson’s foul-mouthed parrot, Poll, would forever squawk and squeal Mr Famous was Audrey Hepburn’s darling Yorkshire terrier A more docile pet than John Quincy Adams’s alligator Prince Rupert of the Rhine’s hunting poodle was called Boye And before she died Anne Boleyn had a lapdog named Purkoy Dali had a pet ocelot that he named Babou Phoebe was Nero’s tiger, and Elvis had a kangaroo Wolfgang Mozart’s starling would whistle and sing his melodies Much loved Queen Victoria pampered Looty, her pekinese French poet, Gérard de Nerval, had a lobster called Thibault And in Frida Kahlo’s menagerie lived the deer Granizo Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe owned a drunken moose Rivaled by Thomas Jefferson’s grizzlies who were killed when one got loose Josephine Bonaparte had an orangutan she liked to call Rose And Ramesses II’s fighting lion was lovingly referred to as Slayer of Foes They pose for portraits and eat like kings while basking in the sun Pets immortalized for evermore, adored by everyone