• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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Release the Peace

High on a mountain,
suspended in a blue lunch bag,
hangs a pound of perfect peace.

Releasing the powerful peace would end all wars on earth forever.  
But to prevent the release, the bag is guarded day and night,
as many world leaders need war.

War in the name of religion.
War to claim more land.
War to subjugate others.
War for the stock market.
War to get re-elected.

Every now and then
a brave person climbs the mountain,
evades the guards,
and releases a small puff of peace
before being stopped.

The peace floats down from the mountain
briefly causing peace talks,  
signed treaties, cessation of war, a special prize.

But then the peace runs out
and the vicious cycle begins again.


Release the Peace

If only it were possible to all band together,
climb the mountain,
and release
the entire bag of peace.