• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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post three score and ten
and just a few more spent
meandering through oblivion
backing the wrong horses
time and time again        then

cutting sharp corners
to gain an extra yard
creating part truths from nothing
for little more than ego
given half a chance        now

reached the end of my tether
en route down my hill
to the periphery of a horizon
with trauma close behind
the unknown ahead        in

my parochial predicament
looking off to the lake
through conifers and brush
to a boat by the quay
from conflict an escape        to

far across calm waters
rippling in my cranium
from darkness into light
ingesting the parfum of nature
wafting in the breeze        towards



a new life in Shangri-la
over icebergs
passed icicles
from values aspired in Earth
to a domain inverse        where

kindness is treasured
where integrity is valued
where charity is cherished
where others come before self
in life as in death        for

there resides my past
from deep recesses of my mind
where relationships are rekindled
with those who departed early
without warning or sign