• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Reflecting future and past

Caught on camera, snapped as a shadow in reflection, infinity above and life’s limitations about me. In reflection, you find me reflecting on what to do. Should I take the step that will begin a journey? Cross to another world, another life, one that holds my future presently balanced in it’s scales. And will that future be fuller and richer or will I fall to an empty end?

For you have captured not me, but my shadow self holding tightly as it always does my baggage. Baggage containing all the joy and laughter and loves I have felt, watched and wanted. Shoved alongside them, hidden beneath them are my sorrows and tears, my sadness and loss. The stepping stones along the lonely path I have taken in life.

Having taken steps I have brought myself to this point, a crossing, gaudy shaded in orangey gold. A warm, bright inviting shade reflecting all my hopes back to the sky.
And yet I hesitate, I find at the crux I am not quite ready to leave my past behind.
Fearful, that should I take another step forward my baggage, my past, my life will be taken.

Taken from me, to be unwrapped, assayed and judged by strangers that stand within my sight at this crossings end. Strangers who will judge my baggage to be worthless or priceless. Will they conflate and confuse my baggage, will they try to understand the why of me?

Why did I walk away from all I had, why did I set my sights on a future in a different place?

I have on my stronger days hopes filled by comforts both large and small. Set against these are weaker days, days where I watch my hopes dissolving like rice paper, hopes that are pointless and worthless.


Reflecting future and past

And now you have captured my undecided shadow. Undecided with two directions open to me, step forward or turn back. My mind is made up, stuffing my hands deep into my pockets I lift my heel from the ground and prepare to follow the golden path.

Looking to the future, my future, the unknown, my unknown, I place my faith in the sky above and its cotton wool clouds ceaselessly adrift as they circumambulate the world.

They are free to constantly cross borders, why shouldn’t I?