• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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Red Wound Shadow

Content Warning: Contains references to sexual assault and violence.

there’s blood in the bathroom
where a stray bullet hit
a gun pokes the windscreen
soldier man needs a lift

sis dons her red mini
showing off those great pins
soldier man says bend down
show your arse for your sin

sis touches her toes
can never more raise her neck
no matter, this is revolution
time for revolutionary sex

market mammy’s too slow
hiding wares from plain sight
soldier man shouts, expensive
military punishment tonight

mammy’s stripped naked until she’s all bare
curves out in the full glory and the whole market stares
soldier man cries, open your legs
then close as we cheer
it is shining, it is shining, it is shining over here.



Red Wound Shadow

oh, you don’t agree with the revolution?
fly out the castle window
burn black
like those five judges
suck bullets like that whole family
poor mummy and daddy and grandma and grandpa and parrot and chickens and dog


we walked the slippery red mist of revolution
swallowed blood while we drowned
lost all but our hope
a tangled rope to which we clung
jagged edges
this too will pass.

there’s a blue sky ahead
but those memories will last