• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11


They call out for a blue moon
that once in a lifetime chance

but what if it's red?

I reminisce on the past,
feel the footsteps of nostalgia
the faith of the child
racing in circles
on the back of my hand
footsteps not steep enough
to leave marks in the sand.

And I'm falling hard
at these moments
that I'm expected to excel

a shooting star
a second from combustion

I'm faltering
fading –

I remember, once
staring into the depths of midnight
tiptoeing around puddles



a rain-dazed blur
of street lamps and nightlife

and I'd look up
at the moon
and at the stars
at the clouds swarming towards the impending storm

and I'd see my hopes
and my dreams
the journey mapped on my hands

and I'd think
maybe once in a blue moon

but what if it's red?