• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Here is your invoice, a fine to be paid;
no, don't look away. I may be small
but I've done all the sums. Don't
be distracted by Mr Roo, at my feet,
                                                   he's my daemon
and won't set YOU free. Times up:
we need reparation and grownup government.
Take it, take the bill and don't forget to read
the summary, to fully see where the guilt lies.
You had decades to recognise your responsibilities,
to stop using our world, our planet, as your plaything.
Now, it's almost too late. How I hate your smugness;
the coming years will wipe that smile from your face.
Just to say, before I go, I wanted to have children,
to enjoy nature and clean spaces. I wanted
fresh air and unpolluted sunsets in skies
uncrossed by contrails. I wanted fields
and hedgerows, trees, thrumming
with animal life and birdsong. I
wanted to grow tall and strong
not be a stunted wee man,
hungry for good food
and calling you lot
to account. Shame
on you. Enjoy
the putrid mess
you and yours have left,
for my friends, for me. This
is what hell looks like.
Be very afraid.