• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 03
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I mean, she’d always stuck out, been a bit different, know what I mean?
But we just thought; well, she’s young. She’s a teenager. They all go through a phase, as they say.
They all try and rebel a bit. So we weren’t worried.
The gun? Well we were living in America so we weren’t unduly worried.
Quite the norm round here.
And the dyed hair is all kind of normal these days isn’t it.
And to be honest we didn’t get too worried when she came in late, her feet all dirty and wet, no.
But I suppose we started to sit up and take notice a bit when she turned up for dinner and her face had disappeared. I mean we are parents.
I just brushed it away to begin with. And I asked her you know, was there anything she wanted to talk to me about, anything she thought I should know.
But she didn’t seem too worried, so I just let it go.
Because you know you have to let them have their own life experiences don’t you?
You have to let them find their own way.
And to be honest as long as she wasn’t involved in a gang or with drugs or something, we were quite pleased she’d found a hobby.
And she’s doing well at school, in fact her grades have gone up, so it must be a good thing.
The bodies?
Well we feel that too many parents don’t get involved enough with their kids these days, don’t take an interest in what their kids get up to.
You have to put yourself out, don’t you?
For your kids.