• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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“I can’t find your missing smile anywhere
nor see your lost right eye
and your absent ear just isn’t responding
to any screams calls or whistles
neither is my disappeared right ear”
redheaded Stripe reported
through his paining toothy grin

“Neither can I…
and I really can’t tolerate it…
it’s so hard to perceive all
with a single eye
despite this cyclops magnifying glass
and impossible to speak
without a mouth
at least with my left ear
I can hear Stripe’s desperate search for clues
as to these unaccounted for manifestations”
black-haired Curly mused to himself

the massive brown bear
lurking silently behind Stripe
remained unseen to him
simultaneously blind-sighting
a partially deaf and speechless Curly



the lollypop smile
cast on the bear’s satisfied dial
and large empty hands
said everything

moral of the story:
if you’re not an illustrator
then don’t draw conclusions!