• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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Re-imagining a piece of property

Rural Iowa, late nineteenth century,
A tiny house stands unremarkable like the others
And largely forgotten in the community.
Then a painter is shown around the town and finds it inspiring
And worth painting.
This property gets immortalized as the American Gothic House
By Grant Wood, in the August 1930.
The small Dibble House imitates/modifies the Gothic style
By incorporating new features like a window in a light frame house
Mixing tradition with innovation.
The improvised style suites their purpose for showing novelty.
Wood re-imagines the commonplace and paints the house
As per his inner dictates.
His sister and dentist model for his artistic eyes
The pitchfork
The clothes
The stern expressions of a hardy couple
Working on the earth for survival
Capture the dust from national architecture and history
In a single frame than the archives.
Two different segments of time get blended on this vibrant canvas.
And so is born, out of this careful fusion and selection, a great piece of popular art
That has put Iowa on international artistic circuits.