• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

Rain ritual

Tears glittering pearl like, on her pale cheeks,
Cheeks not yet kissed or held,
Held in her lily white hands a rose, as she walks,
Walks along the flower strewn path.
Path lit now by sister Sun, replacing the moon now abed
A bed most of the village folk,
Folklore demands this sacrifice
Sacrifice to save and bless
Bless and help in this time of drought,
Drought cracked land in need of rain,
Rain is promised by this ritual, avow the priestesses
Priestesses lead this solemn procession,
Procession that around the hill snakes,
Snakes with faces, revered for their power,
Power to help if their hunger is satisfied,
Satisfied they are, in this choice of prey.
Pray now maiden, that your end be swift,
Swift and nimble she mounts the beasts back,
Back into the murky depths they disappear
Disappear with an eerie splash,
Splash signifies that it is done.