• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06


Years and years and centuries,
     best dress formally–
filigree bell-shaped lace over Venus's girdle,
     for the viewing.
Pyrosome drifts in the depths
     but leaves its stinger at home in a cup.
"Could" you hide?     Could you "hide"?
You've traveled without restraint. Hair mess.
     Comb jelly swims right toward nothing
                             in particular "you".
Pity. It could have been a head band, belt, shawl,
old family movies flickering in concrete rooms.
NO!! Swimming drifting cilia driven...singular.
Your compadres remain far with caution.
Was the language massaged prior to its release?
Was it consumed one letter at a time by
     pyrosome #2?
Was it even the correct language you selected–
    did you remove it from the spice rack?
The captive hang on the garage wall with
     incarcerated nails.
Whales are small.
There’s a conundrum in the young lady’s hand
     that dares touch.
Are they clouds reflected beneath the sea seen?
     Are they unfeigned fogs?
The time must arrive eventually means an
     interval stitched with a discarded memory.



Attempting to say what you’re seeing floating
     in in utter control.
As if from nowhere a cluster of ribosomes
     materializes...unseen of course.
Big deal under these circumstances. (Sarcasm)
A group of rosettes helical forms
     calls to mind unseated vases broken.
Either earlier or well before
     the language was removed from the spoon.
Pyrosomes attempted speech.
You’ll recall the tininess of whales.
In the end the girl in the red dress
     simply drifted away in the direction of terror
     her friends.
Unharmed she called for quiet!
No one heard her over sea wail grumble,
     pyrosome’s surreal discourse,
     and the two zoologgers
    roaring at one another ad infinitum.
Should it come to pass, though its likeliness
      is un unlikely,
it seems preordained the consortia of rosettes
     could negotiate even a small amount–
     translated sweets and dandelions,
     and by each    it seemed the same
     decoding used in copying.



The women departed    unharmed.
Pyrosomes drifted swam in blind disposition
     exciting the tiny starfish
     into vibrating applause.
The whales remain minuscule remember,
and not a single flame        not one,
     not even in the cage of rented soldiers.