• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09


In the green of Shropshire a  home away from home 

Transported to South America, less alone

The tastes of my  childhood are relived once again

In this place  I can live both in the now and then 

Our migration stories  interconnected 

They must be celebrated not rejected

There's  more to unite us than to tear us apart

Embracing our different cultures is just a start

It takes a pueblo to raise a child and nurture

And here, these tastes and aromas  I can savour

The bonds that bind us are wrapped  in the  food we eat

Breaking bread or empanadas with those we meet

Breaks down barriers, brings us closer together 

Embracing our multiculture  makes us better

In this painting in this place, memories flood

Thinking about my elders, my loved ones, my blood 

A hidden gem, heart of the English country

That makes my heart glow and allows me to be me.