• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Public Health Warning

Please do not breath the air around you unless you are over six feet tall.
From the ground to that height they have pumped in poison, slow but lethal.
It is a conspiracy to make you sick, to make you require medication, to make them rich.
Do not be fooled.
We must track them, find them, shut them down.
This is war.

Protect yourself. The air is pure above you.
There are many ways to foil their plot, the mask and snorkel is one.
Stilts, shoes with springs, a pogo stick. With the last two methods, synchronise your in-breath, when at the top of the jump.
Live and work at least one floor above ground level.
You may need to squat in a high rise.
Stay in your nest.
Everything can be ordered online delivery these days.