• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07


Squeezed concertina, push and pull,
reed-free in both lap and ditch;
air’s at rest - sure doesn’t sing?

Feeling blade and catching sun,
statuesque for tortoiseshell,
hers is all of sensible.

But younger sister, does she play?
Raggamuffin, hue browns to blues,
fidget of the glossy hair.

Would-be child for shelter’s aim
editing her magpie count,
hiding prospect, wearisome?

Red shift through, seams same, repleats,
buttons, folds and fingertips,
moment, still life; still life moment.

Social vision, lack bemoaned,
what of vagrants, vacant sight?
Germ imprint, failed germinate.

Reordered, mind, for science’ sake,
a doubletake, restrings his bow,
in better tune with what now known.