• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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"This is it Jakey. You're the real deal now."

Sian walked beside him through the busy streets. "I can see it already. I reckon you’ll be CEO by next week. It’ll be sickening." She chuckled and stumbled into him playfully. He responded with a quick exhale and a half grin, then looked away into the street. It was full of suits driving cars or riding bicycles, and old men smoking, and parents breathlessly herding their children through the city. Everything disappeared above them as they slumped into the underground.

"Don't get too excited Jakey." She nudged him again. "I mean, you’ll only be in the top ten percent." She was tilting round to him and trying to catch his eyes; they'd been drooping to the ground for the entire day. For the past half an hour he hadn't looked at her once. For the past five minutes he hadn't said a word. In the next five minutes they'd be saying goodbye. In the next five months, they’d have new best friends, and only call every couple of weeks, and have no plans to visit.

As usual, his next sentence was telepathic. "So when do you reckon you'll come visit?" His head was still slumped towards the floor, and his sunglasses hid everything his eyes had to say.

She sighed. "Jake, I… I would love to, but it's gonna be difficult for me to get time off. You settle in and stuff and maybe we can work something out. Like we could meet half way or something?"

"Yeah. No. Maybe you're right." They reached the platform and slumped against the wall in unison. The place was empty but for the two of them draped on the tiles.



Sian tilted towards him again. Her sunglasses didn't hide her frown. "What do you mean…? 'I’m right?’"

"Well, I get it. You're busy. I'll sure as shit be busy. It'd be difficult to make time."

"That's not what I said though is it. I said we could sort something out."

"I know what you meant." He looked towards her for the first time in half an hour. The train wailed in the tunnel.

"For fucks sake Jacob, what is this about? You're the one leaving here. What, should I have more sympathy or something?".

"I mean, maybe. Maybe you could just tell me that you're gonna miss me or something. Or that you're sad to see me go. But I don't think you can fucking wait."

She got up from the wall and faced him, scoffing. "For fucks sake. You're ridiculous " The train pulled up. "You're actually ridiculous " The doors opened. "I need to go back and get some fags. Feel free to wait for me if you want to say goodbye properly.”

She turned and walked back up the steps. And he watched as the only person he had ever loved, disappeared.

He straightened himself up. Blinked. And, before the doors beeped and closed, boarded the train.