• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 01
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Profound Misconceptions

I grew up on this tiny little island
believed its decency was faultless
like our teachers said
believed we were right to aspire
to educate other peoples     other lands
about courts democracy and parliaments

lies don’t last     I lost my innocence
one by one I saw plain truths
and our rulers dank veils of deception rotted
before my wet eyes     hydroponic breeding
grounds for sights from hell

each month each year
from eighteen on     my fabric decayed
I learnt of Empire
people exploited and betrayed
I learnt of wealth well stored
in manicured hands     not of the many
just the few     and saw blood stained
rodent paws of rich predators
safe and well to do

today     final curses abound
misspoken by Eton snobs rooted
in hedge fund soil     entitlement waste.
I beg you     give me flight to Europe
my heart breaks     I must disown
my xenophobic home