• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02

Prime Directive

Come on, dude, you can do this.
Get your ducks in a row. Deny,
dissociate, suppress, repress,
compartmentalize, rationalize,
intellectualize. A simple game
of mental gymnastics. No, no,
no! Pain is breaking through.
Can't have any pain. Keep at it.
New world order within. Dissociate first,
then rationalize, follow these with suppress.
No, repress first, then suppress, then deny and
finish with compartmentalize. No, no, no!
You have to remember to intellectualize!
Prime directive: no pain, no pain, no pain!
Put all of your energy into it! The pain will
kill you! It leaches in like arsenic into the
drinking water. There should be enough in
your defense budget. If not, budget
more. Forget infrastructure for now.
Let it go. Without adequate defense,
there will be no infrastructure. No life,
no vulnerability to protect, no joy,
no peace. Keep at it. New world
order within. Again. Ducks in a new row.
Compartmentalize first, then suppress,
rationalize comes after, then repress,
deny, deny, deny, dissociate, and don't
forget to intellectualize. Never forget
to intellectualize! You can't allow yourself


Prime Directive

to feel. Never allow yourself to feel. Get
the cotton out of your ears! Prime
directive: no pain, no pain, no pain!