• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

A Pretty Good Trick

I must admit I tricked you
Cast enchantment over your foolish eyes
Showed you just one of my faces
Fed you the fantasy of the Maid
Made you believe the mask I wore
So that you would brag and boast of my beauty

My words, honey-tipped, dripped from my tongue
Becoming mead and you drank them in
Staggering under their weight
Falling to your knees to worship me
Your sea-born Goddess
The deceived and the deceiver

But I became careless
Let my mask slip, let you glimpse the Crone
The hag dried out, dried up
Shrivelled dugs, desiccated monster
Whilst I remained unaware
Mistook your fury for passion

I preened when you put me on a pedestal
Until you trapped me, wrapped me in glass
And you laughed as you cast me away
Powerless, pointless, pitiful,
For a human, I must admit
That was a pretty good trick