• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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Premier Class Magnifying Glass

I was born in Taiwan
Officially Republic of China
In a factory outside Taipei
Then shipped off to America    where

They acquired me at a hardware
Located in Brightwood DC
Paid nine dollars plus taxes
Little change from ten bucks    for

Three amateur super-sleuths
Ginger, Black Hair, Brown Bear
Off into Rock Creek Park
On the frolic of their lives    just

Intent on resolution
Of World mega-problems
With me as aide-de-camp
Recruited for acute vision    when

Looking behind verdant leaves
Upsetting apple carts
Magnifying the meaning of all life
In stones, gravel, grains    found

Nothing but minutia
Mere discards of mankind
Cigarette butts, soda bottles
Paper floating in the breeze    but


Premier Class Magnifying Glass

Amused themselves for hours
Until sun drooped under Woodley
Drew lots to retain me
But dropped me in litter    then

Retreated to Brightwood
Supper, ablutions, bed
Without concern for my being
I might as well be dead though

Picked up by a trash track
Taken off to recycling
A process of duress
Dissected in two    while

My metal went into space
Part of a Falcon 9 rocket
Then you received my lens
To eventually read this poem.