• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Praise Him

And ye shall see his face
And ye shall be in awe
Ye shall fall down at his left paw
For he is golden and perfect
Each hair made of finest metal
Each whisker a thread of purest silver
His eyes flames of justice

And he shall appear
Like a thief in the night
Creeping in so softly
His wonder shall waken ye from deep sleep
His rumbling sound a splendour
His claws thou must endureth
For they are noble

And now thou must arise
And to thine cupboard fly
And feed him with the riches of Sheba
And watch humbly as he eats
For the judgement is near
That ye shall know


Praise Him

Cast down thine eyes
As he takes leave
To pass back through the pearly cat flap
For thine precious puss
Who has the feline glory
Must make his nightly wonder
Till he doth return
For holy saucer of milk
And thy ever faithful
Stroking hand