• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 12

Practice Unseeing

Standing akimbo,
with limbs askew, she
pulled herself together
and started anew.

Level with mortals,
on a pedestal no more,
she picked up the pieces
and strode 'cross the floor.

Leaving the safety
and sweet adulation,
for authenticity
and a new vocation.

Exiting the revolving
door to the right,
she enjoyed the feeling
of hot, bright sunlight.

She stopped at a newsstand
for a paper and juice,
sat down in the park
and opened the news.

People were starving,
immigrants dying,
mass extinction of the planet;
she found she was crying.


Practice Unseeing

"What can I do?
I'm only one being?
Can't make any difference,
I'll practice unseeing."

Back at the museum,
right before closing,
she entered the gallery
limbering up for the posing.

Climbing up on the platform
she stood tall, then instead,
turned back into marble
after burying her head.