• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

Poster Boy

Pull back the curtains, see me, chosen for my mournful face
yes surly even in view of my bad reputation.
However, today I choose to be the poster boy, cute and centre stage.

Around me the trees are fighting for the light and above me floats a balloon. Look inside and remember the concrete jungle
scraping at the polluted sky, sucking life from the soured soil.

Come close, see me peering out over a cut-page image of natural ice melt into the blue. Remember blue, it worked with
the sun's yellow to give us green. Come closer, touch my red fur then know how to tell your children, smell decay, then taste

You know the disastrous situation, you know the answer.
Today poster boy is halting his plaintive groaning and blowing
his horn. We are all gifted with choice, use yours.