• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Portrait of the Young Boy as a Young Boy

...rather fight a giant-sized child
or a hundred child-sized giants
someone asked me once,
but it makes no sense, what
is a child-sized giant?

I guess they have the ferocity of giants
(hill giants, or ice giants, I wonder)
but in a bite-sized package
whereas the giant child can crush
a city block with a step
but is soft and mostly
good natured

Prime Minister of Malaysia bad!
(Zoolander quote)
our giant-sized children deserve to work
or else they spend all day feeding
giant-sized ducks

Isn't that true, friend?
Ok, not quite friend, but
definitely acquaintance right?
No, well, stranger who happened to be
sitting behind me on the bus
just doesn't quite have
that ring to it
now does it?


Portrait of the Young Boy as a Young Boy

Plus, I told you that I was
perfectly stable, not even
a little unhinged, and in
case you forgot, it is my good luck

that all these people are filming
this conversation with their phones
so there is evidence that
I explained my sanity
right at the very beginning

Anyway, this is my stop,
but before I go, I have to ask
Would you...