• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02


I did create it, but oh dear, what have they done to it? Are, will? It is too much. I should throw in a few more rainbows each day. Pretty things make people smile. I know. Leave baskets of brioche for French peasants before all hell breaks loose and they storm the Bastille. That cannot be good. Why is that man wearing a hideous bicorne? And why is he wearing it sideways? Not all is lost. Thank heavens for Rosa Bonheur painting my little darlings in such a beautiful way. What is this? A war, and another, and another. I am powerless. I can only award, punish after their souls leave that whatever you call it down there because it is certainly not what I created. Colour? Just a splash here and there. I can break the rules, just a little. Where are those cherubs? Good. Plucking harp strings. That should keep them busy for another fifty years. Plenty of time at the colour wheel. Add a speck of this. A speck of that. Add one hundred years’ worth of food colouring. Pink, yellow, blue. What fun. Mashed up colours of the rainbow transforming hard to soft. Add colour to my garden again. Turn gloom into bloom. Voilà, as future chefs will say. Over to you Mr. Walter E. Diemer.

A tribute to Mr. Walter E. Diemer, the inventor of bubble gum.