• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Poetry And War

It was Thursday. A sacred day amongst the believers. Fridge Day. Frigit’s Day. The day that Brigit and Freya… talked…

Brigit, the Exalted One, aka Brig, the Deity of wisdom, poetry, healing and protection in pre-Christian Ireland, met and communed with Freya, the Norse Deity of love, beauty, fertility, sex and war.

An uneasy conversation. Brig insisting that love and beauty belong to the realm of healing, and that war has no place in this holy land. Freya, laughing hysterically, grabbing Brig by the waist, pulling Her close and kissing Her. As they breathed in each other's breath, Freya whispered, “You are the Cross, the Wood that penetrates the four elements. I am the Chariot, cast upon Thy Cross, penetrated in an act of violence and war, moderated by love.”