• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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In the Plaza on the 16th July 2014

I will sit and read while my coffee cools to a body’s heat. The evening dance and cavort of the swifts is so fast their shadows fleeting stutters on the ground. I don’t play chess but find watching relaxing. The board’s symmetry, equally sized squares ordered in eight rows and columns.

Yesterday in Gaza more confetti warnings fell in the streets settled on walls,
and flat roofed buildings. How quickly can anyone move in such a densely populated place? Palestinians have the status of heritable refugee, a legacy
of conflicts and colonial map makers.

I listen to the news and register protest in the usual ways. Today at a beach
four brothers were killed by rockets. Wild tactics or known opening theory
of protagonists. Someone will investigate and make a report. Who else
can understand geo-politics like an analyst?

Chest boards are territorial arenas of two colours most commonly light
and dark. Modern rules took form in the Middle Ages and are continuity
modified by administrations for their own purposes. Chess pieces also
have their own ways of moving in the game.