• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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Playing the Game

It is the taking part that counts.
Forget winning, reaching the
line is what is important.
So they say.

Move pieces of your life
in some direction.
East, west home is best.

Jump over people at your peril.
Sidestep the issue and the past
will sabotage your plans.

Be kind to animals.

Take time, savour the moment.
Relish the unexpected juxtaposition,
the coming together of a dream.

The linking of ideas, the odd word
which illuminates the darkness.
Paraphrased in the Bible of best intentions,

If all else fails.
jump in a car and
tear into the future of the impossible.

It ain’t rocket science.
Life is a game of bluff.
Is that the truth – answers on a tablet.
The stone variety if you prefer.

Wing it but don’t leave your friends behind.