• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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Play Me a Sad Game, Play Me My Life

Chess table out, not just for show. Intelligence out, not just for show. Saturday night at the club, breasts out not just for show.
Chloe's out watching the city glow playing games with her friend again and pawn moves and bishop moves and Louboutin on the toes and-

'I'm really just tired of all of this, you know?'
'Of Chess?'
'No, of this.'
'Of course you are, you bore easily, you float from place-'

Piece taken, interest gone, Queen exposed, suddenly remember that one time awakening to the sun coming in through different windows on a Sunday morning, you were at the King's house.

'It's just, where am I really going? I just feel like I'm getting played around by myself.'
'You need control in your life, without focus you just let life take you, you start to loose inter-'

Do you remember that time when you were six and you first learnt how to play chess, yes?
Do you remember how your older brother always beat you and how you now that you're on the front cover of Vogue you think you'll be a better person playing chess as fashion icon because you play in your brothers memory?


Play Me a Sad Game, Play Me My Life

Do you remember taking a bath sometime last month in Monaco whilst you were in town for a photo-shoot where you took off an item of clothing with each piece that he took from you? And that you lost on purpose to expose him to the police, and how that you're an icon now that social media has connected itself inside of you?
Do you remember that the King was kind to you and how you're going to continue to date him until he asks to play a game of chess with you and you will tell him 'no'.

Chloe gets up and leaves.
Chloe goes home and showers.
Chloe climbs into bed.
Chloe wakes up and begins again.

'Your problem is that you need something new in your life.' Another piece, taken. 'Sure, you have your games of chess with me, but these games are the key structure to your life.'

Chloe gets up and leaves.
Chloe goes home, remembers everything, doesn't cry, takes a shower and breaks her cycle.
Chloe forgets chess, leaves her brother behind, instead starts to cherish herself and picks up backgammon.
Chloe goes to sleep, Chloe goes to sleep, Chloe starts to win the game.