• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Pink Kangaroo

Did you hear it-?
Have you seen a-?
Can you help us-?
Are you busy-?

Why did you visit the Grey city zoo?
Are you here to witness a fantastical view…
Intrigued by the stories of our performing rats,
Our creepiest, our crawliest, our most vicious cats?

Who did you bring to the Grey city zoo?
Are you with parents, your siblings, is it just you…
Enjoying the performers, popcorners and parks,
Our magicians make mothers disappear for a lark!

Perhaps you came for the pink kangaroo?
Rumour’s he’s elusive to security and crew!
Taking lost children from the grey city zoo,
Promising to get them on tonight 6 o’clock news...

Tell me, why did you visit me at the Grey City Zoo?
Hadn’t you heard the stories of what I would do?
Don’t you cry, here’s some candy floss to lighten the mood,
Hide your tears from the man with the pale pink hood.