• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Pink Days

When I unzip my eyes, I’m surprised to see that it’s a pink day with fuschia pink clouds against a salmon pink sky. Pink days are when we receive messages from other realms.
I feel a faint frission of unease at the change of sequence of days. I turn the diamond lever on my forehead to the left to open my heart to the right frequency to receive any messages.
There are only two. The first is from My Significant One and falls into my heart with a heavy thud. Each word swarms like hive of bees and I fear I’m having an allergic reaction as histamine engulfs my pathways. My system experiences a series of processing errors and fails to compute the message.
The second message crumples to ash with a faint scent of baby powder. A message from the future and what might have been.
The day fades and deepens to purple, the dreaming time.