• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Pink And Blue, And A Whole Rainbow Of (Other) Colours In Between

The scientist said on TV:
‘We must re-think (the way we live);
How we build our houses,
How we relate to others,
And how we make a much fairer and equalitarian society to everyone.’

This virus thrives in human contact,
The very thing…

Pink and Blue,
And a whole rainbow of other colours in between,
Nothing is as straight forward (as it seems),
A simple yes or no,
No longer will do.

I brush your hair and you brush mine,
How can we survive outside society?
Without any human contact or the soft touch of skin?
Our words are pre-fabricated, pre-calculated and auto-corrected,
We are limited to emojis designed emotions.
Our vocabulary is simple.

I chat with my beloved ones inside LED tinted screens,
Faces fade into incomplete pixelated universes,
Temporarily cut out by poor internet connections.

Imagination restricted to these four hard angled walls,
The only way out, falls between a volatile unpredictable door.
All we can completely rely on, it’s this unseen individual power.