• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10


What things did we start accruing
when our birthright of inviolability was dashed?
The first time someone, a passing stranger, suggested
indecent things
The first time an unknown sat beside you in the cinema,
his hand straying into your lap, you thinking
This must be a mistake,
not knowing what to do,
but to move two rows back.

What things did we begin to accrue?
Our cynicism, our fear,
our need to lessen the pain of
perceived isolation?
Our shoes to run away,
makeup to mask our disappointments,
our autos over the years,
the roar of engines, the smell of new car
to block out the inbound signals?

Starting small, each car smarter and faster.
piling one on the other
each crushing the last,
pressing down
on Nature
on our nature
until even that which should hold it all up,
the pillar of the world,
is barked and worn, axe bites taking their toll.