• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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Pigs fly

Wide snout barrel-shaped mammal
floating seamlessly on these
cold and calming waves;
bringing down the heat waves
enveloping the city
turning it into small chunks of coal
a simmering array

my body whitened by the heat of the summer sun
which mercilessly
devours us through its presence;
bobbing up and down in the water
like a bunch of week-old lilies
a soothing experience

He enjoys the coolness
the water brings.
I'm intrigued and excited
to do a cannonball: a big splash
to kill this sweltering heat
as the sweat makes
an unbroken trail of wetness
on my brown skin.

I hold a deeper connection with him
not the one
which satiates my hunger
but being called the pig-headed
for holding my ground
against the pointy convictions.


Pigs fly

This summer will be emblematic
more than monotonous visits to the water park
this summer: my faint voice
will be heard with a roar
barring the screams and the shrills
which rips me apart

Oh! you great swine
the symbol of health
prosperity and happiness
filled to the brim,
with the raptures of our tepid life
inspiration for this tiny human being

This summer:
a whole new wave
will splash this city
hearing my war cry
unabashed and unapologetic:
they will shake their heads in disbelief
watching when pigs fly.