• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04


another day encaged
yet fully un/aware      of the stimuli around them
of the tons of commodities      the entertainment
the so-called dilemma of their so-called solitude
the next meal to be prepared joylessly
the texts glowing on the screen      waiting for them
to reply      the usual ennui      the same old complaints
the want in their voices      eager for it      breaking the rules
pampered by whims conceded      a lack of empathy
no one is having it harder      that is obvious
all of them surrounded by like minds      ironically annoyed
by the traits they themselves post everywhere
money-driven longings and demands
vaccinated first      first-class attention      no one's done more
than their social status and ancestors
cannot stand the regulations
no more coffee meet-and-greets
late-night raves down Uptown neighbourhood
shopping sprees      fancy pub crawls
an entire mode de vie scrapped
the foundations of a system shook
to the core      to the point nothing is more noticeable
than its frailty      vices and habits overpowering
every human consideration      sullying them inside pigsties
slowly uncovering their true colours      the inner devices
of refusal      of resistance to change      for better
or for worse in a world where unseen specks
of viral nature keep peeling the layers
concealed by years of neglect



hunger and despair
but then again      to each their own
who knows
perhaps they're right      the rest is wrong
and we are all oinking in the mud